Project Management Course

Project Management is the systematic approach to planning, executing, and controlling a project from inception to completion. It involves defining goals, allocating resources, managing tasks, and ensuring timely delivery within specified constraints.

Course Description

  • Whatever you create, you need to know how to effectively and efficiently lead a diverse and complex mix of stakeholders to successfully complete your project.
  • This introductory Masterclass is an ideal starting point if you need to contribute to or manage projects at work or home, while not necessarily being a formally trained project manager.
  • It is also suitable if you are considering undertaking a project in the near future and are seeking to learn and apply essential project management knowledge and skills.
  • Industry-leading experts created the Course, and its contents are fully endorsed by the Institute of Project Management.


What are the 7 things I need to know to better manage projects?


   The course is suited for the following audiences:

  • Executives
  • Senior Management
  • Project Team members

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Course Features

  • Course Duration: 1 day
  • Method of delivery: Virtual
  • Assessment: Online via Microsoft Forms
  • Pass mark: 75%
  • Certificate: Certificates of Attendance will be issued after the program. Opportunity to earn the Internationally accredited Certified Project Officer Certification at no extra cost

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