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Thank you for your knowledge and guidance during the HACCP Implementation course.
Thank you for every question answered. Your absolute professionalism does not go unnoticed!
R van der Wal
I had the privilege of being trained by Cindy Moodley from Nandhi Solutions.
The training was exceptional, and Cindy’s mentorship expanded my professional horizons
Grateful that I am now a certified FS Auditor.
Cindy, your steadfast support and guidance is deeply appreciated.
Mr Maiswa
I was blown away by the level of professionalism and expertise displayed by Cindy from Nandhi Solutions. Went above and beyond preparing the best possible interview scenarios. 
I highly recommend her interview coaching service 🌟
Vhahangwele Ralulimi
Cindy is always helpful and takes the time to understand the customer’s requirements. Response and turnaround time is efficient and ensures that the best solution is achieved
Sashen Singh
The training was engaging, relevant and comprehensive.
Flavia Piat (GBS)
Thank you for making our training experience enlightening and very enriching
Jeneshi Dayanand (GBS)
Highly recommend, I did a class with her and gained alot of insight from her industry expertise, she guided and assisted me to better understand concepts that were not initially clear to me prior to the class, and made my transition from Welding and construction industry to Food safety industry seamless and easy to understand and grasp. She was super friendly and extremely pleasant! highly recommended
Leticia Philip
Ms Cindy Moodley is a professional person with
an extensive knowledge of Quality Management
Systems including training and coaching.

Her work with Tiger Brands group in training the
entire team was coupled with professionalism
and knowledge of her training material.

A true quality and food safety ambassador who
is an asset to the FMCG industry. Her dedication
and attention to detail go beyond excellence.

The Food certification standards knowledge is
outstanding coupled with a vast experience of
the Food Safety and Quality matters.

Cindy is a perfect fit for a true leader in Quality and Food Safety fraternity.
Eric Sekwati
Cindy is a well seasoned SHEQ Professional and
a Visionary. Her unwavering passion to drive and manage the Food Safety & Quality standards cannot be questioned, so is her commitment.

It is with her faith in my abilities I could do well
and believe in myself. Her approach is forever
friendly yet professional. She has the drive and
management skills to mentor and bring the best
out of a team. Her experience speaks for itself.
Kabelo Maleka
I highly recommend Cindy as her extensive
industry knowledge and proficiency in ISO standards are significantly enhanced both myself and my team’s understanding of processes. Cindy has excelled in delivering engaging and informative training sessions, fostering active participation and real-world application of various principles. Her professionalism, clear communication, and commitment to excellence have left a lasting positive impact on my team’s skills and confidence in ISO 14001. An invaluable asset for any organization seeking top-notch training.
Shivani Naidoo
Cindy is a seasoned Food Safety professional who is passionate in imparting her knowledge to others. Cindy’s training really simplified food safety management systems for us and her use of past food safety incidents really drove the message home. Her expertise and experience really shone throughout all her training sessions. Apart from her professional delivery of food safety training, Cindy is truly a good human being. Cindy continues to mentor me and my colleagues even after we completed our training and she has been super helpful .. I would recommend Nandhi Solutions as your preferred training partner.
Tendekai Maiswa
Cindy managed the quality assurance of one of
the best food consumer brands in the country,
while I managed the manufacturing of the products. Cindy brought accountability and integrity in the quality department which are
essentials for teams and products which were
lacking. As the custodian of quality, she did not
compromise on food safety in the value chain
(raw material, during production and finished
goods). She ensured that the values of the organization are lived in every step of the process and not just words. This helped the organization stop sub-standard products from being shipped to the market by application of the 5D principles.
Steve Mashabane
I met Cindy on the first year of my graduate
program, I reported to her directly and I have
learnt a lot from her in the quality and food
safety space. She is very dedicated, articulated,
innovative and pays great attention to detail.
Cindy is the type of person you can count on in
stressful situations, in terms of audits and daily
day to day activities. For those reasons I highly
recommend Cindy as she is a driver of quality
and food safety. She will forever be a tremendous asset in the food manufacturing
Thobeka Mkhize
I have worked with Cindy for 2 years and am always inspired by her hard work and attention to detail. She is a great person with a willingness to help and always seek to understand her clients issues. She is a quality guru whom I can always seek advice from. I would highly recommend Nandi Solutions for your quality business needs.
Saskia Pillay
Professional, dedicated and a go getter. Cindy always took her work seriously and was a high achiever. She is tenacious in getting things done. Cindy took pride in delivering what was required of her on time. An asset in any environment
Sanjay Maharaj
Cindy Moodley facilitated training for the Quality Leaders at Tiger Brands and her facilitation style is still engraved in me. She engages – She facilitates her sessions in such a way that the candidates are able to apply all she taught on the ground. She is knowledgeable- Her vast knowledge on the QMS is commendable
Reneilwe Maenetja
Cindy is a seasoned professional in the broad field of SHEQ. She upholds a high standard of integrity and value set. I respect Cindy for her honest, kind and humble nature. She enjoys working with people; uplifting and empowering others is a goal she pursues relentlessly. Cindy also enjoys coaching others to attain their goals, across diverse sectors. Above all, Cindy is a devoted mother with endless love for her son.
Sherell Diane
I had the pleasure of attending the ISO9001:2015 course led by Cindy Moodley. She is an incredibly knowledgeable and engaging training officer, with a deep understanding of the topics discussed. Her expertise was evident in her ability to explain complex concepts clearly and she provided practical examples from her own experiences. She created a supporting learning environment where everyone felt encouraged to participate and ask questions. Her passion was contagious and inspired me. I highly recommend Cindy to anyone who is looking for a knowledgeable and dedicated instructor.
Maryna Meyer
Cindy is an Astute individual who showcased her vast knowledge and experience in the industry to help facilitate the training rendered to me. Throughout the training she consistently demonstrated her exceptional skills, with attention to detail and displaying her strong work ethic. The training rendered to me has helped me acquire valuable skills that I will use both practically and professionally to improve my performance as well as impart the same knowledge to my coworkers. Whether it was technical knowledge, soft skills or Industry insights, Cindy ensured that we are well prepared for the challenge ahead.
Cindy’s dedication and genuine care for us, as her trainees make her an invaluable asset in the industry, and, I am confident that anybody fortunate enough to learn from her will benefit immensely.
Rhiona-Rai Sookdaw
Cindy is a great trainer. She is very knowledgeable, and her content is very interesting. She keeps trainees engaged and actively participating. I highly recommend Cindy. I enjoyed the training and learnt alot.
Thiven Naidoo
 Cindy has been a great help, I needed my resume to be restructured to match and clearly articulate my current skills and experiences as I gear up to apply for job prospects.
She was fast but effective, flexible enough to take my opinions. I highly recommend her services.
Nontokozo Nkosi
Cindy is an astute professional who is adept to working in challenging and complex organizations delivering creative solutions to restore balance. She is meticulous is ensuring detail investigations and bringing the best out in her team and colleagues. I would definitely choose Cindy to be a part of my team any day.
Claude Naidoo
I have worked with Cindy for 2 years and am always inspired by her hard work and attention to detail. She is a great person with a willingness to help and always seek to understand her client’s issues. She is a quality guru whom I can always seek advice from. I would highly recommend Nandi Solutions for your quality business needs.
Saskia Pillay
Cindy has a passion for quality. She is always up-to-date with the latest standards and the impact they will have. Her FMCG experience means she understands that QMS needs to be implemented in a working factory. This makes her approach easy to understand and adaptable. Always a pleasure to work with!
Dominique Green

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